Diary of a Trainee Indirect Tax Recruitment Consultant – Tom Slater – 5th Entry

It’s been an incredibly busy few weeks here at BLT for the Indirect Tax Team as the last fortnight has been dominated by the 2013 Indirect Tax Awards.

The week preceding the event was a whirlwind of meticulous preparation and nervous energy – and that was just Guy, Liz and Emma preparing for their speeches. On a personal level the event was a great opportunity for me to meet so many people from the industry and who I hope to work closely with in the future. Aside from that the canapés were also great and I thoroughly enjoyed my colleague’s speeches which I watched stood safely out of sight by the side of the stage.

Other than the glitzy business of the Awards I have also been busy this week as I begin a research project into the process & technology space in Indirect Tax. This is a particularly interesting task as it focuses on a developing area in what is an already niche market. As part of this project I am attempting to map all of the businesses and professionals that specialise in this growing area and enhance my own expertise on a specialism with a growing importance in Indirect Tax.

Overall it has been a productive time for me as I attempt to network and familiarise myself with the rest of the Indirect Tax world. By attending the awards I was able to meet many of our long-standing clients and through my process & technology research I hope to unearth a new roster of potential clients and candidates. So if I haven’t had the chance to introduce myself already, you are a systems specialist or would just like to find out more about this developing area please don’t be shy, drop me an email and say hello.

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