‘Sweatworking’; are you fit enough?

I read in this week’s Independent on Sunday that there is a new craze sweeping America and now heading to the UK – ‘sweatworking’ – networking whilst working out!

Apparently business people are now taking their clients to the gym instead of lunch and literally sweating out the details of their contracts.

So, if your New Year resolution is to get fit, is this such a bad idea?

Whilst I appreciate gyms aren’t for everyone, Fitness First is soon to launch a structured business breakfast networking meeting at which people will have the chance to meet and greet one another, attend a spin class, and network at the juice bar. If this proves successful I suspect others will follow.

I for one would love to try it. Let’s face it, most of us battle to incorporate more exercise in to our weekly routine and we all feel the guilt when we over-indulge at the traditional ‘boozy lunch’.

To me ‘sweatworking’ offers a healthy alternative and an opportunity to engage with people on another level.

So my question to you as you read this is, ‘sweatworking: are you fit enough?’ If any of the BLT contacts want to try it, let’s give it a go, it could be a new craze for our monthly breakfast seminar!

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