You’re fired!

Here at BLT, we’re doing the office Apprentice Sweepstake. 15 employees, 15 candidates, £2 per head to play. The 15 of us playing have each picked a candidate out of a hat and whoever’s candidate wins the apprentice, wins the money. Ok, so it’s only £30, but it’s not about the money, it’s about the victory! A bit of friendly competition perks us up mid week and we love a bit of a debate on who’s hot and who’s not…

Who do you think will win? We’re halfway through the series and we’re all still sitting on the fence a little. Would you hire any of them? Again, we’re unsure. My candidate is Tom Pellereau – the quirky inventor. He’s the one that tried to steal a barbeque, the one that has lost the most tasks, the one that puts his hand up in the boardroom when he wants to speak to Lord Sugar… But… could he be the dark horse in the competition? I’m hoping so. He’s certainly come up with some good ideas and has made some very valid points, albeit unheard by the rest of the group. But is he good enough to win? Even if he’s not successful, I’ve enjoyed watching him – he seems like a nice guy; someone that I would enjoy working alongside.

Watch this space – whoever’s candidate wins shall be blogging!

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