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As you all know, the team at BLT Towers considers itself relatively savvy when it comes to social media. Whether willingly jumping in head first or through gentle coercion we try and ensure that every consultant engages in the online sphere. According to the Evening Standard, from learning about the death of Osama Bin Laden, to discussing royal bridesmaid Pippa Middleton’s derriere, social media is revolutionising the way we share news, ideas and opinions. At its peak, Twitter was carrying 5,000 tweets a second about Bin Laden and nearly 4,000 a second during the royal wedding. Clearly then, social media has gone mainstream and the question long ago stopped being whether or not to join the conversation, but how to strategically use the content.

Creating a profile on LinkedIn or a community page on Facebook is no longer enough to keep you in the game, nowadays the focus is on driving traffic to your page and ensuring search engine optimisation. It’s often difficult to make sense of the vast mass of opinions out there; however, tracking online conversations and shaping discussions can not only promote your brand but also highlight your positioning within an arena as a key influencer. A survey carried out last October by Corporate Insight showed that several leading firms, including a number of FTSE listed asset managers are now actively engaging in the digital world, using their company Twitter profile to offer customer services and answer questions.

Despite this growing trend to advertise and engage, some are still wary, arguing that for the effort required it produces limited return. Few have developed metrics for measuring the success of tweeting and LinkedIn activity and as such there is a camp that stalwartly refuses to engage. I can proudly admit that although we are by no means experts in the field, the majority of us at BLT are not in this camp and we’re optimistic about the phenomenon and willing to at least experiment with it. As such, here are our top tips to maximise your LinkedIn power and your Twitter potential…

• Tailor your Profile: It’s like an online CV, keep it updated and use key phrases
• Be Proactive: Join groups, make introductions and address potential business associates directly.
• Utilise your Company Profile: Whether on Twitter or LinkedIn post jobs, pose questions and create conversations
• Link to other Media: Blogs and YouTube add another dimension to your online presence
• Be Strict and Selective: Only follow or connect with people you want to work with. Your connections say a lot about you.
• Listen to Feedback: You can receive some of the most useful criticism by searching on
Share: Whether it’s a “RT “or a “Like” it’s online etiquette for showing your support and agreement

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